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Car maintenance knowledge

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Daily vehicle maintenance is directly related to the use time of the vehicle. If the car is not properly maintained, it may bring many hidden dangers to the driver and passengers. Therefore, as a qualified car owner, it is very useful to learn more tips on car maintenance. Here are some maintenance knowledge, I hope to help you.

1. Belt

There are two reasons for belt noise when starting the engine or driving the car: one is that the belt has not been adjusted for a long time, and it can be adjusted in time after discovery. Another reason is that the belt is aging and needs to be replaced with a new one.

2. Air filter

If the air filter is too dirty or blocked, it will directly lead to the increase of engine fuel consumption and poor operation. Check the air filter regularly. If the dust is less and the blockage is not serious, high pressure air can be used to blow it from the inside to the outside, and the dirty air filter should be replaced in time.

3. Gasoline filter

If you find that the fuel supply is not smooth, you should timely check whether the gasoline filter is blocked, and if you find the blockage, you should replace it in time.

4. Engine coolant level

After the engine cools down, check that the coolant level should be between the full level and the low level. If not, add distilled water, purified water or refrigerant immediately. The liquid level after adding should not exceed the full level. If the coolant decreases rapidly in a short period of time, check whether there is leakage or go to a special car maintenance shop for inspection.

5. Tires

The tire pressure is directly related to the performance of the tire. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, it will cause bad results. If the temperature is high in summer, the tire pressure should be lower. If the temperature is low in winter, the tire pressure should be sufficient. In addition, check the cracking of the tire, timely replace the tire when there is a hidden danger, and the new tire should be consistent with the original tire model.

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