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Development trend of wire harness equipment manufacturing enterprises in China?

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The application and demand of components are increasing day by day. The requirements of chip miniaturization, high frequency, high speed, integration and green are also the requirements for component design and development, production technology level and production equipment. With the implementation of relevant national special and industrial policies, increasing financial support, encouraging cooperation, and enhancing the ability of independent innovation, the development environment of electronic manufacturing equipment industry will be further improved. In addition to maintaining the original components production and molding equipment; wire harness processing; welding equipment; dispensing equipment; cleaning equipment; environmental testing equipment; inkjet equipment; SMT equipment and other advantages, Cece will focus on launching the wiring harness equipment exhibition area this year.

After a year of impact and sharpening, China's electronic industry affected by the financial crisis has been slowing down. Driven by the government's continuous economic stimulus plan and the huge demand of domestic and foreign markets at this stage, China's wire harness industry is showing a rapid development trend again. With the wire harness industry in crisis transferring to China, China's position as the wire harness manufacturing center is further enhanced Strong.

Wiring harness is one of the products with rapid development, large market demand and convenient installation in the electronic and information age. Wiring harness is widely used in household appliances, communication equipment, computer and external equipment, security, solar energy, aircraft, automobile and military equipment. Industry insiders predict that China's wire harness output will exceed one billion in 2010, and the market demand will continue to rise, especially under the promotion of China's 3G launch, household appliances, automobile going to the countryside and industrial informatization, which will strongly drive the demand for wire harness processing equipment and spawn a number of wire harness equipment manufacturing enterprises with market competitiveness.

Many powerful wire harness equipment manufacturers have become an army, giving birth to China's domestic wire harness equipment exhibition -- the 75th China Electronics Exhibition (75th) was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9 to 11, 2010 He will be dedicated to providing a one-stop procurement and exchange platform for wire harness industrial enterprises in rapid development, and display new wire harness processing equipment and technologies at home and abroad. The exhibits include wire end processing equipment, automatic wire harness processing equipment, integrated wire harness manufacturing system (wire harness processing center), inkjet equipment, and so on Wire and related accessories and other wiring harness processing process.

In this exhibition, dozens of wire harness equipment manufacturers from home and abroad will gather together to show the full range of medium, high and low-end products to meet the different needs of different wire harness processing enterprises. According to the Organizing Committee of the conference, a number of seminars will also be held during the exhibition, covering such fields as it, household appliances, automobile, industry, communication, green energy, security and other industries. Visitors from these fields will be invited to visit and exchange views.

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