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Main factors affecting the stability of automobile connector

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Main factors affecting the stability of automobile connector

The automobile connector is composed of four parts: contact, shell, insulator and accessories. The four main parts make the automobile connector act as a bridge and operate stably. The automobile connector must conform to the standard of USCAR-20, which stipulates that the contact surface of the electrical connector of the automobile connector should be reliable all the time in the whole service life, including the following factors:

1、 The contact material of connector is stable and reliable;

2、 The positive force is stable;

3、 The voltage and current of the circuit are stable;

4、 The temperature should be within the specified range, including the surrounding temperature and its own temperature rise;

5、 Good robustness;

6、 It must be the same as the connector used in high-speed long-distance communication computer, and the automobile connector must be able to work reliably under harsh conditions;

7、 Connector insertion force: below 20.5kg;

8、 Connector retention force: more than 2.5kg;

9、 Heat resistance: - 40 ~ 120 ℃.

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