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Which parts need to be replaced regularly during vehicle maintenance?

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Hebi City Tianfeng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. tells you: which parts need to be replaced regularly during automobile maintenance? These are indispensable knowledge.

Regular car maintenance benefits a lot. It can not only prolong the use time of the car, but also be beneficial to human health. Especially when the season changes, maintenance is more important to the operation of the car. In this paper, a detailed account of the car needs regular maintenance of several items.

1. Engine oil

In general, manufacturers of naturally aspirated engine models sold in China will require users to change the lubricating oil when driving 5000 km-15000 km, while supercharged engine models require changing the lubricating oil when driving 5000 km. If the car does not drive very well or is always in a stopped state, the oil should be changed every six months. Of course, if your environment and oil quality are good, you can extend the oil change cycle and time appropriately.

2. Wiper blade

The service life of the wiper blade varies according to its own quality and use environment, and the service time is usually 2-4 years. Of course, the specific or depends on the use of the wiper, if the surface pressure deformation or hard scratch, it needs to be replaced in time. In addition, the owner should spray a little liquid glass with good lubricity before using the wiper, so as to avoid "dry wiping" of the wiper blade. When purchasing the wiper blade, the owner can touch the surface of the rubber wiper with his finger. If the blade is found to be aged, hardened, cracked, and the rubber blade has no elasticity, it can be judged as a fake or inferior product.

3. Oil filter element

The function of the oil filter is to filter out the impurities, gum and water in the oil, so it should be replaced together with the oil. If it is not replaced, the oil will not be filtered, resulting in accelerated wear of internal parts of the engine due to impurities in the oil.

4. Air filter element

5. Brake oil

Experts recommend replacing it every two years or when driving 50000 km. It should be noted that different types and brands of brake oil should not be mixed, otherwise the braking efficiency will be reduced.

6. Brake pads

According to individual driving habits, the brake pads are used for different times. However, the car owner checked the brake pads of the vehicle at about 20000 km and replaced the brake pads at about 30000 km. Usually, the car owner can check the brake pads by touching the tire wall after parking. If the temperature of a tire wall is particularly high, it is likely that there is a problem with the brake pad. The owner should immediately go to the 4S store to check the brake pad.

7. Antifreeze

If the antifreeze solution is not changed for a long time, its anti-corrosion, anti rust and anti scaling functions will be reduced, which will cause the cooling system failure and even corrosion. Generally, the antifreeze is replaced every 1.5-2 years.

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